Welcome to Mystic Poise! We are located in south Texas and we raise and train Australian Shepherds, Siberian Huskies and Nubian Dairy Goats. Mystic Poise is operated by Angie Claussen and Mandy Rose. We have been best friends since high school and in 2011 decided to combine our kennels.

Angie's Bio:

I have been active in Siberian Husky rescue since 1997. I am a board member for Husky Haven, Inc. www.huskyhaven.org and have fostered many unruly Siberians and retrained them to be wonderful companion dogs. I am also a member of The HOT Dog Obedience Club where I train in Obedience, Rally and Agility. http://www.hotdogclub.org

I was given my first Aussie Sioux in 2007 and that was the catalyst that changed my life. Sioux and I competed in the ASCA Altered conformation program and finished his Altered Championship. My first (of hopefully many) confirmation Champions! Sioux is now Jesse's juniors dog and loves going to shows when Mandy lets us steal Jesse. I loved showing so much that I starting looking for a new dog and after a year of searching, Dev came to the Poise pack. Dev has shown great potential in all venues including herding and Dock Dogs. In 2010 I got my first Siberian show dog Queen and she has been a blast to show. She earned her UKC Championship at 7 months and her AKC Championship at 15 months. She loves the spotlight and we are looking forward to a promising Specials career. She also moonlights as Gayla's junior dog.

With three venues to choose from (AKC, ASCA & UKC) we spend most of our weekends competing and hanging out with all our crazy dog show friends.

Mandy's Bio:

I have been raising Dairy Goats since 2006, when I became a member of ADGA, www.adga.org. I could not buy just one and my herd quickly grew from just a couple to ten. I was milking my girls and did not know what to do with all of the extra milk. My family of five could only drink so much...so I started researching soap. I quickly found that many "soaps" in the market were basically watered down versions of detergents. Nothing natural about that. I learned a recipe and then began to tweak the recipe until I got it exactly as I wanted. I now produce a soap that has a rich creamy lather that you can shave with (many of my clients do) that moisturizes your skin but does not leave you greasy and rinses clean. I have since discovered more uses for my soap. I have clients who have Lupus, Psoriasis, Eczema, Sclera derma, and other skin issues, who have fallen in love with my Oatmeal and Honey soap. People who have been allergic to soap for years are now finding a true soap that not only feels good but is good for their skin as well.

Angie was finally able to talk me into getting an Aussie in 2011 and we located Annie who is a great help on the farm with the goats, cows, ducks, and anything else I can find for her to help with; thus, cementing my love for the Aussie. We hope to start participating in Goat shows in the future, but until then we have plenty of dog shows to choose from.

Email: poiseaussies@me.com | Phone: 713-594-3032

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